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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  January 16, 2016 2:07am-2:37am PST

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in saudi arabia where this happened. who knows if there was any kind of dust or fog or anything. or maybe were people just going way too fast. talk about speed. let's head over to taiwan where we all know, of course, women love to be impressed by crazy fast driving, right? this dude here has got a high-powered bmw m3. he is ripping through the streets. thankfully he is slowed down by this red light. jams on the break. she puts her hand up on the dash board to catch herself. as soon as the light turns green, he's off again. >> oh, no, no, no. >> now how impressed is she? really? you can't kind of spread the blame here. watch what the cab driver does. he pulls a u-turn in city traffic from the far right-hand side. >> but look where the bmw was
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ridiculous. >> very difficult to judge somebody's speed when seeing them in your side view mirrors. this is a pretty fantastic wintertime phenomenon. this is in grand haven, michigan. you have ice balls forming in the river surrounding what are known as ice pancakes. >> how? perfect. the wind has to be just right and they start forming as the slushy ice around the larger sheets of ice start pushing against the large sheets which freezes them at the exact right temperature. >> anybody else getting sea sick from this video. >> another phenomenon -- it's a phenomenon to me. that people want to go out to ice fish on a frozen lake. >> that's what they live for. >> and it's cold, and they cut a hole in the ice. put their fishing line in there.
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why i would never do this. >> you okay? >> holy crap. >> he falls in. he's now wet in freezing water. he is able to get himself back out. but now the ice is compromised and keeps breaking. fortunately this guy moves fast and runs away from the broken ice. >> the only thing he's going to catch that day is a cold. this is a saying about putting a cart before a horse. if you you're next to number one man crush collin furth, you're pretty confident -- >> yes, we're nearly there. >> so in preparation for that momentous event, collin has been working on a special surprise for his subscribers. >> we're going to build a massive wheel.
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>> this is going to be like a rocket all along it. >> basically, he's going to create a gigantic rocket wheel mounted on the back of his pickup truck. so he gets to work. has to go through a few failures before he gets the win. are you ready to see it? look at that. >> oh, my goodness. i had no idea this is what it was going to look like. >> 120 rockets mounted to that giant wheel, but behind the truck -- >> 1300! >> 1300 more rockets behind it. >> fourth of july in january. >> he's ready to show it off. waits until the sun goes down and then just lights the fuse. >> oh, my gosh, that's right. those things are going off in
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right. >> he's standing right in front of it as well. some incredible shots. frames and silhouettes. look how close the fireworks are going off behind him. >> so good. >> he's got such a fun personality and spirit. the fact he built all this stuff and takes you through how he does it. his creativity. friends. some guys start trouble at the tattoo parlor. >> throwing molotov cocktails at this thing trying to start the place alight. why their bad behavior doesn't end there. plus, pizza gets a makeover in -- >> the wafflemaker. >> see the steps to serve it up with style. >> come on. if you need a reason to start celebrating super bowl 50 early - i'll give you two. get a large,1-topping pizza foronly 50 cents
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better ingredients. better pizza. better football. marvin thinks you have to be a brainiac to do your own taxes. so we brought in world-renowned brainiac, to help him. take your finger and press it right here. sfx: camera shutter, buzz, bloop. yay, you got it.
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tt2w`t3n`&d! bt@q:1d tt2w`t3n`&d! "a@q*= tt2w`t3n`&d! bm@q!6, tt4w`t3n`&d!" dztq #', tt4w`t3n`&d!" entq s#l tt4w`t3n`&d!" gzt& j$4 tt4w`t3n`&d!" hnt& z*x tt4w`t3n`&d!" iztq 0c tt4w`t3n`&d!" jntq "3@ tt4w`t3n`&d!" lzt& :^< closed captioning provided by -- new gold bond dark spot minimizing cream for body. targeted treatment: results begin in 4 weeks. gold bond. when in doubt, check the tape. the tape tells the truth. these people are described as -- this is from the uk. >> someone a bit thuggy. causing a bit of trouble. they might nick your car. >> that's a perfect description. >> did they just shoot that little car? >> they did. the owner of this car went out the next day and thought someone either broke into my car or tried to rob my car. when they went and checked the tape, they noticed these two walking by. one guy pulls out a gun of some
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this is gun violence in the uk. >> looks like a high powered air soft pistol. didn't see any flash or anything. someone fired a gun on the streets of uk, there would be a lot of drama. >> it did make news. it's get something attention and two. >> i'd like to know the term for people like that in australia. here's what happens at a tattoo parlor. people throwing molotov cocktails at this thing trying to start the place alight. if you thought that was bad. watch what's going on around the front at the same time. smash. car drives into the front of the tattoo parlor. that ain't it. >> somebody get a terrible tattoo? why? >> that's what police and the owners of this business would love to know. the guy gets out of the car, goes to the back and -- >> this is crazy. they are lighting the entire car on fire hoping that it extends over to the business. >> were they successful?
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firefighters did respond quick lie and were able to put the car fire out but didn't realize what was happening around back. thankfully they checked that, too. when they checked the were surprised to see this coordinated attack. >> wow. jet fish cooley is known for this type of video. >> four people are going to be firing me with pepper spray. and then tase me. >> this sounds like a recipe for disaster. >> he downs a bottle. once he's done, watch this. he gets -- right in the face with pepper spray. >> still got the taser. >> this is what he's known for. in addition to that sign-off at the end. >> stay classy, bubba. >> stay classy. but posted a video that's very different.
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>> people take [ bleep ] so much for granted. i have four kids all together. i've got a biological son and daughter with my first wife. i have a stepson, and i have a biological daughter with my new wife. >> and we have these pictures of him and his kids. >> aw. >> super cute. >> this morning i got to take my stepson to school. and i was so proud to be there. >> he dropped off his stepson at school, and that moment meant the world to him. >> he was so proud i took him to school, not because i'm catfish cooley. not because i'm david cooley. simply because i'm his stepdad and i spend time with him and love him. >> suddenly, he's so choked up
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i hate to get emotional, but it's the little things in life, folks, that matter. >> interesting to see that special moment and emotional moment for him realizing the bond he has for his stepson is the same as all of his kids and realizing it's not about ploodblood. it's just about family. >> you can't have a catfish video without the iconic catfish good-bye. >> that is so unpredicted. waffle. yummy. pizza, delicious. what if we put the two together? a pizza waffle. first you get some pizza dough. roll it out. and then watch what they do to it. they put it in the wafflemaker. yes, you spray the waffle maker with some pam, put in the dough, some meat, some cheese. and they top it with more dough because this is like a waffle
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and watch what happens. >> oh, come on. >> as the italian in the group, i like messing around with pizza. pizza is good. >> this is more like a cazenone. >> or a -- hot pocket >> you are so authentic. >> and the final reveal -- >> that is money. >> glorious. >> there's more joy coming out of the wafflemaker here. i just say listen. >> i love that. >> a farting wafflemaker. >> all the different waffle irons and that one with the
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>> who cares if the waffles are any good. this is the experience you're after. museum tours that get awkward. >> see why this video is more than just a piece of art. next "right this minute." and still to come, this mother/daughter duo impressed the web with their dance moves. >> they just blew up. >> but find out why their smooth steps just got sweeter. >> wow. plus, see how these guys are putting an adult spin on riding a big wheel. >> yeah, i love the two-wheel
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cute kids are my soft spot. this little angel is no different. ooh. uh-huh. you might remember heaven and her mommy. they first went viral when they posted this video of the two of them dancing to "end of time" by beyonce. mom is a choreographer and you see the little one has a ton of great moves as well. so they went on "ellen" and after that, they just blew up. she partnered with a ton of different brands and has commercials. a few years has passed and she's landed this gem. >> wow. >> just two years and she's just totally matured.
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this mommy/daughter duo, looks like just the beginning for them. ready to go in. pretty safe bet that you all had tricycles when you were kids. they were fun then. why can't they be fun now? very cool green jungle road that they're cruising down here in taiwan. public road, i will add, but what makes this drifting video so much fun to watch is the huge group of people that they've got bombing down the mountain all at once.
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>> yeah, the heebie-jeebies. there are a couple of scenes here where it looks like it may have gotten swirl ier because goggles. the truck there. they toe everybody back up the hill with ropes. taiwan is made for this because there are so many great windy roads through the mountains and countryside. perfect. >> the guys put this together and i think if you aren't drifting and you are shooting this stuff, it's just as much fun. i love the two-wheel drift coming around the corner on two wheels. pretty nifty. >> probably accidental and it worked out for him. >> they also put together a 360 video of this run where you can click around. you want to see that video and get interactive with it go to our website, or it works on our mobile app
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look around. a prankster is all set up to tell his mom some big news. >> are you pregnant? no, you're not. >> it's like she already knew when they say sit down.
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bringi ordinary soda machines are so 2015. in 2016, you have to go extreme. really, really extreme. it involves 175 steps, 140 hours over three months of preparation and 114 fails to eventually get this. an incredible ruth goldberg machine that looks like it's been put together with the things you don't know what they were for in the first place and takes about three minutes to do its run. >> i love these because i'd never have the patience to figure all this out. it's fascinating to watch. house.
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effort and 114 fails. >> thank you. >> the outcome is a cold soda. >> you would think but the outcome say lukewarm room temperature soda. knocks rocks and ducky jammies. >> one thing we know about pranksters is nobody is exempt. not the kids, not the wife or girlfriend, and surely not mama. this is kael and he's about to tell his mom some news he doesn't like. mom just came in. puts her bag down.
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family members sitting on the couch. >> who is pregnant? are you pregnant? >> no, she's not. >> yes, she is. >> it's like she already knew when they said sit down. >> he tells his mom that his girlfriend texted him today and told him she was pregnant. >> that's how millennials would do. >> she just sent him a picture of the text. >> do you know if it's your child. >> who else has she been with. >> he hands over the phone. mom looks at it. >> i thought you were using protection. >> we were. >> they are all trying not to smile and just holding it in. >> you can't even take care of yourself. >> whoa! >> you'll help me out? >> no. >> no? immediate. >> why are you laughing? >> can i get a hug, though. >> you know what --
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>> after all that -- >> the camera is right there. >> surprise! i was kidding. >> j.k. >> communicate. kidding.
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make sauces with perfect temperature control. >> it's small, it's efficient, it's clean and it's safe. >> announcer: and because it's portable, you can take it anywhere, so it's perfect for buffets and outdoor parties. to tell you more, let's join bob warden and jenny repko at the nuwave test kitchen in chicago. >> let me ask you, do you hate boil-overs and the mess they make in the kitchen? do you hate burnt grilled cheese sandwiches or shriveled-up bacon? >> what about over-fried chicken that's all greasy, or dried-out oatmeal, overdone pork chops or charred steak? >> well, what if i was to tell you that instead, you could now have perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, perfectly browned evenly every single time? >> all that cheese is melted in there, so delicious. >> perfectly melted. and i could have perfectly grilled steaks set at 350 degrees that give me a perfect medium rare steak or however you like it and it's never going to burn. perfect pork chops, and not only pork chops... >> right, salmon,
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perfect every time.
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